Tuesday, 24 December 2013

100 South African artists that prove that South Africa has musical talent

This is part 1 in the series.
100 South African artists that prove that South Africa has musical talent. You have to hear them!
Over the course of the next few weeks, MusicReview will compile a list of 100 of South Africa’s best musical acts, both past and present, who showcase local talent. This one is especially for our international readers and should serve as a guide to help you discover some of South Africa’s best musical talent. Without further adieu, here is part 1.
In no particular order:

1. Arno Carstens / Springbok Nude Girls
You can’t talk about South African rock without a knowledge of Arno Carstens’s discography. Previously the front man of the iconic Springbok Nude Girls, Arno now mostly ventures as a solo artist. Without a single bad album to his name, Arno’s latest release ‘Wonderful Wild‘, received an extremely positive review and a score of 83/100

2. DJ Cleo
Fusing urban house with kwaito, DJ Cleo is one of South Africa’s finest electronic music producers. With a strong African flavour and beats to get you jiving, DJ Cleo dominates the dance floor.

3. Jack Parow
A pioneer in the Afrikaans rap movement. Jack Parow’s unique blend of ‘dangerous and romantic’ rap is extremely entertaining. Check out ‘Cooler As Ekke‘ to see what we mean.

4. The Parlotones
Well regarded as South Africa’s most popular and most hard working rock band, The Parlotones impress audiences worldwide with their unique soft rock blend.

5. Chromium
Chromium are one of South Africa’s most loved metal bands. With an impressive evolution, Chromium’s latest self-titled album has impressed us immensely, scoring 87/100.

6. Voodoo Child
Receiving constant airtime on the MusicReview playlist, Voodoo Child’s innovative musical genius is a must hear.

7. Misericord
Although no longer together, Misericord left their mark on the South African metal scene with their awe-inspiring technical metal. It is a travesty that this band is no longer together, but there are rumours floating around that another album may be in production.

8. Fuzigish
You haven’t lived until you’ve drunk-skanked to a live perfomance of Fuzigish. These ska punk rockers have an unmatchable live energy.

9. TearGas
Awesome hip-hoppers with a proudly South African stance! Check them out.

10. Goldfish
Undoubtedly South Africa’s best live dance act, Goldfish’s hit singles have just about become national anthems.

11. GoodLuck
Hot on the heals of Goldfish, GoodLuck have a great live dance act and superb energy on stage.

12. Man as Machine Our favourite new discovery of last year, Man as Machine have caused much buzz around MusicReview’s staff and playlists. A superb rock act, fronted by Rob Visser who is arguably South Africa’s best voice in rock at the moment.
13. Facing The Gallows
FTG will make your ears bleed. If moshing and the heavy are your thing, check these guys out.

14. Taxi Violence
Taxi Violence are seriously impressive rockers who describe their music as ‘Sexy, sleazy and dangerous all in one‘.

15. Hog Hoggidy Hog
An awesome ska band! Get ready to skank!

16. Felix Laband
Felix Laband is arguably South Africa’s best electronic producer. With his unique blend of psy and chillout, Felix Laband is an unsung hero who deserves a lot more attention than he has got.

Photo by Michaela Verity 17. The Sleepers Impressing all sorts of indie kids, The Sleepers are well worth a listen.
18. Zamajobe
Zamajobe has an amazing, sultry and sexy voice. We caught her live at the Hennessy Artistry event last year. Get hold of her music, you won’t be disappointed!

19. Pestroy
One of South Africa’s most iconic metal bands. You will headbang and bob until you can’t move your neck. A particular favourite for Sergio Pereira, MusicReview’s head journalist.

20. Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels
DV&RR are South Africa’s premier party and cover band. Considering the number of brilliant drunken parties and dances that I have had to their music, they are most certainly worth a spot on this list.

21. Misled
Punk rockers with attitude. Not the best production on earth but rather the epitome of what punk symbolises

22. The Vendetta Cartel
The winners of South Africa’s Coolest Band Name, The Vendetta Cartel are one of the best punk bands on the local scene.

23. The City Is The Desert (In Disguise)
One of South Africa’s best up and coming rock bands. We loved their EP and will be reviewing their first full-length soon.

24. Dead Alphabet
Here’s some trivia for you. MusicReview’s editor actually went to school with these guys. Dead Alphabet are increasingly growing in importance and prominence in the local music scene and well on their way to stardom. Listen to them.

25. Soulfire
MusicReview declares that Soulfire is South Africa’s greatest acoustic group. Superb melodies, introspective vocals and unbelievable talent make us wish that we had a record label, as we’d attempt to sign them straight away.

And so concludes Part 1 of the 100 South African Artists You Have To Hear. Please keep your eyes peeled for the remaining lists over the next few weeks and don’t hesitate to drop a comment if you think that we have left anyone out. Here’s to you South Africa. Keep producing good music and we’ll look at making a top 1 000 list in the future.