Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nuwe sosiale blad!!!!!!! Gaan loer gerus!!!!

Nuwe sosiale blad!!!!!!! Gaan loer gerus!!!!
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Sosiale Netwerk net vir Radio Eendrag community

Welcome to the New Homepage!

Willkommen auf dem neuen Homepage!
Welcome to the New Homepage!
Welkom op die Nuwe Web werf !

South African Music is a South African Homepage based with a Online Music Radio Station Radio Eendrag ,from South Africa that is stationed in Cape Town ,and is also a South African Music Time shareing Homepage to share with People all around the World for Young and Old,It was founded in March 2014 in Germany.
The Facebook Group was founded at the same time - South African Music, then got bigger and greater with our supporters ,friends and also visitors .Youtube Videos that we were shareing through Youtube .
In April 2014 the Google Blogger was openened ,through the high visit of friends and visitors, Online around the world  and Thankyou to our supporters AND FRIENDS.
We support and promote our friends that was at that time playing in some of the local upcoming bands, and give our other local musicians a way through which they could share their music to their South African fans, and hopefully internationally.
We are a dedicated and unique team of music lovers and professionals brought together from all walks of life and from all around the World, from all over South Africa, and Europa ,all with one thing in common... our love and passion for music!
All we ask is that you share or Homepage,Facebook Group,and Google Bloggers and be Kind to sighn into our Gestbook as return we add you a a friend on Facebook,and put an small partnet banner on our Page to help to share also your Homepage around the World ,Thankyou you South African Music Team.....

The 20th Annual SA Music AwardsThe South African Music Awards is the premier music awards event in South Africa. Hosted by RiSA, the annual event showcases the country’s finest music related talent. The 20th Music Awards ceremony will take place every year.


South African music's biggest names go head to head over two days in key categories, each hoping for the South African industry's highest honour - a statuette at the South African Music Awards. Nominees will also be taking the stage by storm with a series of epic, never-to-be-repeated performances, as the nation watches its finest talent at work. The South African Music Awards exist to honour and recognize accomplishment in the South African recording industry.

Afrikaans Music - YouTube

About YouTube Founded in February 2005, YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share
originally-created Videos.
YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire
others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content
creators and advertisers large and small.

South African Music
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Radio Eendrag n stasie vir ons,
Vir nuus, waarheid in n taal vir ons,
Met DJ Uiltjie wat sy hart oopmaak,
En praat oor sake wat ons almal traak.

Skakel in van sewe tot laat,
En luister hoe die volk praat,
Naspers bring valse waarhede,
Luister van gister en die hede..

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Net vir BB en I phone en Nokia Radio:;listen.mp3/home

 Kan ook op die web-werf luister by: Eendrag

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Much of South Africa’s music heritage, like that of our political past, is hard to access. Just as people and books were banned and censored, so too was music, sometimes along with the musicians who made it. Much of the material recorded was politically sensitive, or subversive; some of it was never commercially released, and has remained hidden, even forgotten. Troves of local recorded music await identification, digitisation and Research.Independent music archives currently lack the infrastructure to preserve their historical collections. An immediate concern is the deterioration of analogue tapes, records and other obsolete media on which much of this material is stored. Among other pressing concerns are the fading memories and sheer mortality of those who were involved. The South African Music Archive Project aims to create an online resource on South African music and associated cultural heritage, so as to promote multidisciplinary research in the field of popular music and culture.
Hartlik welkom by die webtuiste van die SUD AFRIKAANSE MUSIK BLAD van Germany wat sedert 2014 toegewy is aan Tradisionele Boeremusiek, ons volkskat en kleinnood.
Ons nooi almal uit om meer oor die SUD AFRIKAANSE MUSIK BLAD en ons tradisionele boeremusiek te wete te kom en dan saam op te pas en uit te bou. Lees meer oor hierdie besonderse styl van konsertina spel asook die verskillende ander instrumente. Daar word ook verwys na verskillende orkeste, hulle opnames en die geskiedenis van die Tradisionele Boeremusiekklub van Suid-Afrika.
U word uitgenooi om nuus of biografiese inligting van persone en orkeste by te voeg – Vandag se algemene kennis en alledaagse gebeurtenis vorm die grondslag van môre se geskiedenis. U bydrae kan keer dat hierdie erfenis vir ewig verlore gaan.

    Theo Erasmus
Composer, Performer and Former Director of Light
Music (Afrikaans), SABC, also SABC Artes Award Winner

Theo Erasmus


Very well-known South African accordion
(Afrikaans: trekklavier) player with a career spanning
back to the sixties, also playing
the concertina, tuba, clarinet, xylophone, guitar, and keyboard.
Mr. Erasmus has won several Artes and OKTV awards, and
some of his albums have been reassigned English titles for international release.
He also holds a record for a performance in a
hot air balloon that was broadcast live on radio.

Track Listing:
  1. Oupa Doors 02:10 2.
  2. Helderkruin Seties 02:50
  1. Wonderboom Wals 02:20
  2. Tant Sannie Se Dinge 01:51
  3. Vyf-Oor Elf 02:05
  4. Keurspel 02:43
  5. Elanduspark 02:18
  6. Opstal Seties 02:30
  7. Two Sharps 02:24
  8. Sakkie Sakkie Wals 02:30
  9. Variasies Op 'n Tema Van Two Sharps 02:38
  10. Die Luilekker Drafstap 02:10
  11. Wals Vir Theo 01:57
  12. Belem Infante 01:58
  13. Oom Frikkie Se Seties 02:06
  14. Dit Is My Wals 02:36
  15. Pietersburg Seties 01:44
  16. Rodekrans Wals 02:29
  17. Sterlig Vastrap 02:16
  18. Die Vrydagaand Seties 02:25
  19. Zwartkop Vastrap 01:59
  20. Vuurlike Vastrap 02:05   


About Stompie Johan Rautenbach and the Boere Music Band...
Ek is n kind van die HERE en aanbid HOM.
Dan is ek ook mal oor ons eie kultuumusiek, naamlik Boeremusiek en Afrikaanse musiek en natuurlik ook buitemuurse aktiwiteite.


21 July 2011 at 21:21
Nuwe, jong en opkomende sangers - Neem kennis: Ons het die afgelope tyd geweldig baie navrae gekry van nuwe, jong en opkomende sangers om hulle te bemark. Daarom het ons besluit om soos volg te werk te gaan: Stuur vir ons 'n e-pos na: en heg asseblief nie meer as 2 demo snitte daarby aan nie. Die e-pos moet asseblief die volgende bevat: Naam en kontaknommer; e-pos adres; Stad en Provinsie woonagtig; Repertoire. OF Pos 'n demo CD met nie meer as 8 snitte daarop nie, aan ons met al die bogenoemde kontakbesonderhede, ens daarby ingesluit, na: AndreC27 Promotions Posbus 50286 Hercules Pretoria 0030 Van ons kant, sal ons dan na julle demo snitte luister. 'n Afspraak sal met julle gereel word om bemarkingsopsies en terme met julle te bespreek en ooreenkom. Ons hoop om gou van julle te hoor. Groete Andre & AndreSee more
by: André Craucamp