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Sonja Herholdt is an Afrikaner singer-songwriter and actress.

Herholdt was born in the small Gauteng mining village of Nigel, Gauteng and at the age of three made her first singing performance at the local community recreation hall, singing the Afrikaans lullaby Slaap, my Kindjie.She attended the Afrikaans-medium Tienie Vorster Primary and John Vorster High School where she became Head Girl in both and followed her theatrical pursuits.
She later obtained a diploma cum laude in Teaching after three years at the Johannesburg (Goudstad) College of Education. She gave up teaching to pursue music after meeting her future husband, FC Hamman. The couple married in 1976 and started a family, their youngest son later developed an extreme hearing impairment in 1993. Herholdt subsequently decided to start a school for hearing and linguistically impaired Afrikaans children, this was housed in the pre-primary section of Bryanston Primary School. This resulted in Herholdt returning to teach for a period of time.
In 1996, Herholdt was involved in a serious car accident. She and her husband subsequently divorced after 21 years of marriage.In collaboration with Carel Cronjé, she released her autobiography in 2007 Sonja: Meisie van Nigel. Later that year she was injured in a robbery on the way home from Cronjé's Johannesburg home ,Herholdt has recorded several albums and singles since the 1970s;

Theuns Jordaan is a South African singer and songwriter born on 10 January 1971.

His first career moves had him spend long nights at restaurants in the area around the University of Stellenbosch, a university in the Western Cape Province, where he had been studying industrial psychology. His first performance was on 21 October 1992 at a local bar called Upstairs. Having had immersed himself in the local music scene, Theuns started composing his own lyrics, which resulted in five songs in his debut album, Vreemde Stad.
After he completed his studies, Theuns spent a year as an entrepreneur. In October 1998 he moved from the Cape to Gauteng - specifically Pretoria. After gaining popularity in the city, he recorded his debut album, Vreemde Stad, in Stellenbosch. This album was released in 2000 at an arts festival, the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees. EMI released Vreemde Stad shortly after this and the album surpassed triple platinum status (150 000 copies) in July 2003.
He launched his second album, Tjailatyd at the Aardklop music festival in 2002, which also sold more than 150, 000 records. The South African guitar player, Anton L'Amour, performed with Theuns and was responsible for all the guitar tracks in Vreemde Stad and Tjailatyd.Theuns Jordaan's singing is characterized by his deeply emotive bass voice. His music has been said to be "faintly bluesly, radio-friendly", with his lyrics "infused with a mournful love of South Africa".

Vreemde stad (1999)

  1. Klein Verbond
  2. Onthou Jy Nog
  3. Skipskop
  4. Makiesakie
  5. Beautiful In Beaufort-Wes
  6. Sonvanger
  7. Visserman
  8. Skielik Is Jy Vry
  9. Vreemde Stad
  10. Lalie
  11. Hakieshart
  12. Sien Jou Weer
  13. Loslappie Mengelmoes
  14. Liedjieboer Mengelmoes

Tjailatyd (2002)

  1. Soos Bloed
  2. Hanne
  3. Gesiggle
  4. Straattroebadoere
  5. As Ek Vra
  6. Tjallatyd
  7. Hoe Draai Die Wind Dan Nou
  8. Moenie
  9. Vermiste Mense
  10. Alleen Sonder Jou
  11. Buitekant
  12. Waar Was Jy
  13. Loslappie Medley: Dis Julle Wat Die Wind, Transkaroo, Coca-Cola-Nooi, Bloometjie Gedenk Aan My, Silver De Lange, Halala Afrika, Huisie By Die See, Pampoene

Seisoen (2005)

  1. Jou asem
  2. Hillbrow
  3. Skadu in die nag
  4. Namibsroos
  5. Ek roep jou naam
  6. Stofpad
  7. Praat is te laat
  8. Wie weet
  9. Donkerpad
  10. Bietjie van my
  11. Huise van glas
  12. Jukebox medley:Kalbassies,Travel in Staail,Hex-Vallei,City/Stad,Meisie sonner sokkies,Die skoene moe
  13. Groet sonder woorde
  14. Juanita du Plessis

Afrikaans music


Gérard Korsten (popularly known as Gé) (6 December 1927 – 29 September 1999) was a South African opera tenor and actor who had a great influence on Afrikaans culture.

Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands as the youngest of eight children, Korsten and his family emigrated to South Africa when he was nine years old. He married Elna Burger and had five children, among them renowned conductor and violinist Gérard Korsten.Initially he worked as an electrician, but from the age of 20, started singing in choirs. However, he received his first formal vocal training in 1952, when he was well into his 20s, studying under Adelheid Armhold at the South African College of Music.In 1955 he moved to Pretoria, where he was one of the founder members of the Pretoria opera company. In 1956, he debuted as Canio in Ruggero Leoncavallo's Pagliacci.
Korsten won a bursary to study in Vienna in 1962, where he received tuition under Judith Hellwig. During this period he had the opportunity to perform in Vienna and Munich, but he never sang professionally outside South Africa, mainly due to family considerations. It was only in 1970 that Korsten sold his business to devote himself to full-time singing. In the course of his operatic career, Korsten appeared on stage more than 3,000 times, playing 23 roles in most of the major operas.
In 1965, Korsten started his career in light music, with his album Gé Korsten Sing Uit Die Hart (English: Gé Korsten Sings From The Heart), and soon became a best-selling recording artist, with a career spanning 40 years. Nine of his 58 albums achieved gold status. Most of his recorded work is light Afrikaans music, including the song "Liefling" (English: Sweetheart), which is still performed at rugby matches in Bloemfontein and Pretoria. His popularity as a singer also led to lead roles in films such as Hoor My Lied (English: Hear My Song), Lied In My Hart (English: Song In My Heart) and A New Life, all of which included singing scenes. He received six Sarie awards and, in 1979, an ARTES award for his TV program Gé Sing (English: Gé Sings). In his later life, Korsten was well known for his role as family patriarch Walt Vorster in the long-running South African soap opera Egoli: Place of Gold.In 1985 he was appointed the managing director of the Cape Performing Arts Board (CAPAB) in Cape Town, a post which he held until 1989.

Afrikaans music

Afrikaans music was primarily influenced by Dutch folk styles, along with French and German influences, in the early twentieth century. Zydeco-type string bands led by a concertina were popular, as were elements of American country music, especially Jim Reeves. Bushveld music based on the Zulu were reinterpreted by such singers as Marais and Miranda. Melodramatic and sentimental songs called trane trekkers (tear jerkers) were especially common. In 1979 the South African Music scene changed from the Tranetrekkers to more lively sounds and the introduction of new names in the market with the likes of Anton Goosen, David Kramer, Koos du Plessis, Fanie de Jager, and Laurika Rauch. Afrikaans music is currently one of the most popular and best selling industries on the South African music scene.



The period after 1994 saw a dramatic growth in the popularity of Afrikaans music. Numerous new young Afrikaans singers (soloists and groups) released CDs and DVDs and attracted large audiences at "kunstefeeste" (art festivals) such as the "Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees - KKNK" in Oudtshoorn, "Aardklop" in Potchefstroom and "Innibos" in Nelspruit.
Apart from dozens of new songs being introduced into the Afrikaans music market, it became popular for modern young artists to sing old Afrikaans songs on a stage or in a pub, with crowds of young admirers singing along. The reason for the dramatic increase in the popularity of Afrikaans music can only be speculated about. One theory is that the end of Apartheid in 1994 also meant the end of the privileged position that the Afrikaans culture had in South Africa. After losing the privileged protection and promotion of the language and the culture by the State, the Afrikaans-speaking community seems to have spontaneously started embracing and developing their language and culture. This was due to pop artists like Steve Hofmeyr, Nádine, Kurt Darren, and Nicolis Louw bringing a new fresh sound in Afrikaans Music. Many of the songs sung and/or written by these artist are similar in sound to Euro dance music. Critics would claim that all an Afrikaans pop artist needs for a song to be popular is a catchy tune and an easy beat. This is due to the massive popularity of a form of couples dancing called "langarm" or "sokkie". The dance halls where this takes place could be considered as night clubs but they play almost exclusively Afrikaans pop music. The Afrikaans pop music market therefore generates tremendous demand for new material.

100 South African artists that prove that South Africa has musical talent. You have to hear them!
Over the course of the next few weeks, MusicReview will compile a list of 100 of South Africa’s best musical acts, both past and present, who showcase local talent. This one is especially for our international readers and should serve as a guide to help you discover some of South Africa’s best 

 Steve Hofmeyr the most successful artist South Africa has ever seen.  From his humble beginnings as an actor in the hit Television Show "Agter Elke Man" on to "Egoli" and finally his own Hit TV show "Dis Hoe Dit Is Met Steve" on Kyk Net.  Steve also appeared in various movies like: "Kampus- Die Fliek", "Agter Elke Man", "No Hero", "Decade- Steve Hofmeyr" and "A Case of Murder".  Steve has proven himself  both as an actor and as a singer, with his CD's and DVD's all selling platinum over and over again.In January 2007 there were reports that one branch of the News Cafe restaurant chain would not play Hofmeyr's song Pampoen (Pumpkin). The managing director of the company that owns the franchise denies that this is company policy and points out that many Afrikaans acts, such as Karen Zoid and Arno Carstens have performed at News Cafe.

On 12 May 2011, Hofmeyr released the lyrics to his new song called "Ons sal dit oorleef", which means "We will survive this". The song is controversial, because Hofmeyr has threatened to include the word "kaffir" (the common Arabic word meaning "infidel" used by the British and the Boers in the 19th and early 20th century to refer to blacks in the context of his song, but today a very derogatory name for the black population of South Africa in the lyrics of the song should a judge rule in favour of Julius Malema. When the presiding judge, Leon Halgryn ruled that "... the publication and chanting of the words 'dubula ibhunu', prima facie satisfies the crime of incitement to murder," Hofmeyr removed the offensive word in his song also, citing that the word would offend his black friends and colleagues. Malema is currently on trial for the singing the song "Shoot The Boer", a song argued to be inciting violence upon ethnic Boers, white South Africans, particularly farmers. Some people see the murder of Eugène Terre'Blanche , also a farmer, as an example of violence provoked by this song. To Date more than 4000 White farmers had been murdered is South Africa and The Genocide Watch has placed the country on level 6 of their 8-level scale for risk of genocide.


  Bok van Blerk exploded onto the South African "Afrikaans" scene with his super hit "De La Rey", the brainchild of ex EDEN members Sean and Jay.  Bok became an overnight success as everyone in South Africa hummed to the tune of his songs.  In 2007 Bok in conjunction with Robbie Wessels produced "Ons vir jou" which is believed to be the new Afrikaans anthem for South African rugby. With a great sense of humor and talent, Bok van Blerk is here to stay. Van Blerk went to Hoërskool Die Wilgers (school) in Pretoria.After his study, he spent time working abroad.In March 2006, Bok van Blerk and the Mossies released the album Jy praat nog steeds my taal (You still speak my language). The same album was rereleased in October 2006 under the name De La Rey and solely credited to Bok van Blerk. According to Van Blerk "and the Mossies" was removed because his fellow singer, Tanya van Graan, was too busy modelling. Van Blerk is accompanied by Jaco Mans (and occasionally Manie van Niekerk) on lead guitar, Francois Coetzee on bass guitar, and Nathan Smit on the drums


  Kurt Darren is an established recording artist in South Africa and has been involved in comparing of many launches, beauty pageants and corporate functions since 1990.  Kurt shot to stardom after recording his number one hit single "Meisie-Meisie".  This was soon followed by a string of hits including "Se net ja", "Loslappie" and "Hemel op Tafelberg" to name only a few.  Kurt's live show is energetic and he has also become very famous for his unique dance steps.  Click here for more Photos.


   Born on the 6 March 1987, Bobby is the second eldest of three with his elder sister Karlien the founder and lead singer of the group"Revolusie". Bobby started singing at the age of 14 where he took part in talent competitions. Bobby's first intro to touring with musicians was after his matric year where he toured with Dozi, who then told Blackie Swart about Bobby and he was offered a recording contract with him. In 2006 Theuns Jordaan heard Bobby performing and asked him if he would like join him and offered him a recording contract with his company.  Bobby was nominated as best new artist by the KKNK, Vonk, and Huisgenoot in 2006.


  After performing traditional Afrikaans songs in Zulu as a guest artist on the popular South African show "Noot vir Noot" Dozi became an overnight success.  Today Dozi has written himself into the South African music history books.  Being the missing link between Zulu and Afrikaans music Dozi appeals as much  to the Ethnic market as he does to the Afrikaans market.  Dozi's hits include : "Maybe my baby" and "Ou Ryperd".


  Clive Bruce became famous for his five year presenting of the hit Television program called "Sing Country" which featured the best of the best in South African Music.  Sing Country was followed by rewind which he presented for three years.  Today the name Clive Bruce is directly linked to Country Music in South Africa with more than 20 CD's to his name Clive is one of the most successful Country singers South Africa has ever seen.I recorded ‘Sally Sunshine’ in 1970, which went to No. 1 on the then popular LM Radio Top 20, and scored high in the South African Top 20. Musically, at that time, I spent much of my career as a ‘backroom boy’, and did many radio adverts and sang harmony on many well-known artists of that time. One of the more unusual small achievements of that time was to be the first voice of ‘Sarel Seemonster’ on the popular Afrikaans TV show called ‘Wielie Walie’.   

  Anton Goosen is still the king of South African song writing. He has more South African hits behind his name than any other South African singer.  Hit songs include: " Byeboerwa" , "Simonne" and "Boy van die suburbs". Anton performs acoustic or with a band, depending on the size of the venue. Great South African Bands like Beeskraal and many others has paid tribute to the Legend of Anton Goosen by recording his music as well as performing it.  These days Anton can be seen live playing with his band "Bushrock".


  After years of paying his dues, Blackie Swart finally struck gold with his smash double platinum hit "Liewe Lulu".  Overnight everybody in South Africa knew who Blackie Swart was as people flocked to dance floors to celebrate this new gem.  Blackie then went on to write a series of great songs, including songs like "Laat hy val waar hy wil" and "Pers kombers".  Brilliant guitarist, songwriter and performer Blackie decided to play his hand at something else which led to the birth of his own recording label called"Blêr Musiek" which releases many local CD's and DVD's yearly.  Artist signed with Blackie include Bobby van Jaarsveld and Sonja Lochenberg.


  Bobby Angel is one of the biggest stars ever to come out of South Africa.  His unique country style and voice still needs to be matched by another, after a long absence in the music scene he has made a comeback and will entertain you with all his old favorites and also some new songs.  Bobby's greatest hits include songs like "Green Eyed Angel", "Rainbows And Roses", "Gentle On My Mind" and "You Ask Me To".

  In 1996 Jay started his career in musical theatre.  After that he entered the commercial marked by teaming up with well know South African singer Joe Niemand.  His most recognizable achievement before starting his solo career in 2008 was being the lead singer for top South African boy band Eden.


  Jurie Els  is a brilliant singer who has stolen the hearts of many South African families.  His shows are full of fun, and always involves the whole family. Well worth getting for any occasion.  Jurie is known for his timeless hits like "Hoe se mens dankie" and "Honderd Bewonderd".  Jurie later married famous South African High Jumper, Hestrie Cloete, and she sometimes makes a cameo appearance in his video's.


  Theuns Jordaan has taken the South African music scene by storm.  His true interpretation of old Afrikaans songs and some of his original numbers, has made him a real hit with his fans.  With his deep bass like voice Theuns draws crowds by the thousands to every performance he does.  And who can blame them, with songs like "Soos Bloed" and his timeless classic "Beautiful in Beaufort-Wes" written by Gert Vlok Nel. Theuns Jordaan is 'n Suid-Afrikaanse sanger en liedjieskrywer, gebore in die Karoo op 10 Januarie 1971. Hy sing liedjies wat hy self skryf, sowel as liedjies van bekende liedjieskrywers soos Koos du Plessis, Johannes Kerkorrel en David Kramer. Sy eerste twee albums het dubbelplatinum status verbygesteek. Saam met Karla du Plessis sing hy die lied "Wie weet" wat die temalied van die TV-program Jopie Adam was.Hy het grootgeword op ‘n plaas naby Venterstad en het matriek aan die Hoër Volkskool, Graaff-Reinet, voltooi. As kind is sy musiektalent in sy ouerhuis aangemoedig.
  Op Universiteit Stellenbosch het hy Bedryfsielkunde gestudeer, was ‘n inwoner van Majuba-manskoshuis en het op 21 Oktober 1992 sy eerste buiging by die Upstairs kroeg in Stellenbosch gemaak. Afrikaans het by die Universiteit vir hom ‘n passie geraak en hy het begin liedjies skryf, geïnspireer deur Koos du Plessis, Anton Goosen en David Kramer. Vyf van die snitte op sy debuutalbum, Vreemde Stad, is deur hom self geskryf.Na Universiteit was hy vir 'n jaar entrepreneur en het in 1998 na Pretoria geskuif. Johan Bakkes help hom om sy debuut CD, Vreemde Stad, op Stellenbosch op te neem. Dit word in 2000 by die Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees baie suksesvol vrygestel. Daarna is ‘n verbeterde opname van Vreemde Stad deur EMI-musiek her-vrygestel. Die album het in 2003 Trippel Platinum status (150000 kopieë) verbygesteek.


  Thys die Bosveldklong started playing guitar and drums while he was still in school which lead  him starting his own band which quickly started to play local dances and functions.  After his schooldays Thys enrolled into the army where he played music once again.  In 1995 Thys left the army to try and do his own thing.  Today he is one of the most successful artists in his field.  With his great sense of humor and funny songs Thys die Bosveldklong is one of the South African Acts you can't afford to miss


  Our very own golden voice from Mosselbaai, Gerrie Pretorius has taken South Africa by storm by drawing full attendance halls wherever he goes, and that includes his hometown.  There are no age boundaries to Gerrie's performance, he entertains the whole family from the little kids right through to grandma and grandpa.  After advertising his first CD “Met Liefde” on television, Gerrie has a smash hit song with “Annemarie” which places him on the map.Nadat ek lank vasgeskop het teen die idee het die publiek uiteindelik gewen deurdat 'n mens moet gee waarvoor die gehoor vra. Ek het ook tot die slotsom gekom dat.  ons nie van Bles mag vergeet nie.Nooit nie.


  Barbara Ray is one of South Africa's most famous country singers.  Not only did she appeared on cd with some of our country's best singers like Lance James, but when Steve Hofmeyr did his revival of old South African legends called "Toeka 2", Barbara Ray was one of those fortunate to be included in the compilation.  Other artists on the compilation included names like Dennis East and Des & Dawn Lindberg.

   Karlien van JaarsVeld, sister to famed South African singer Bobby van Jaarsveld started her career singing background vocals for her brother.  Later she started her own rock band where she was signed by Mozi records.Karlien van Jaarsveld is die oudste van 3 kinders. Sy is die ouer suster van die reeds bekende Bobby van Jaarsveld. Karlien is nie ‘n nuwe gesig in die musiekbedryf nie. Sy het 3 jaar gelede begin om saam met Bobby op te tree as sy kitaarspeler en backing vocalist. Sy het ook ‘n duet saam met Bobby gedoen op sy eerste album. Karlien het so 2 jaar gelede besluit om haar eie ding te doen en het toe ‘n rockband gestig, REVOLUSIE. Sy was dus die stigter en hoofsanger van die groep, REVOLUSIE. Rockmusiek was maar altyd in haar bloed en sy het die 2 jaar saam met REVOLUSIE beskou as een van die beste leerskole ooit.

Karlien het egter in Oktober 2008 besluit om solo te gaan met haar loopbaan en sy het REVOLUSIE verlaat. Johan Vorster Songs het Karlien as kunstenaar ingeneem. Karlien se album “Jakkals Trou Met Wolf Se Vrou” is uitgereik. Twee videos is ook geskiet van “Beter as Liefde” en “Jakkals Trou met Wolf se Vrou”. Karlien se album is alreeds vir ‘n hele paar weke onder die Top 5 verkopers op die DKNT ranglys. Die album se verkope het ook Platinum Status bereik. Karlien verskyn ook in November in die nuwe Afrikaanse fliek Platteland saam met Steve Hofmeyr, Bok van Blerk, Jay & Lianie. Sy speel die rol van ‘n parmantige matriekdogter.


  This bubbly personality artist is a force to be reckoned with, with her amazing voice and emotional interpretation of her songs. Lianie May Stardom started when she sang a song for "Eden" in Oranjeville her hometown. They inmediately approached her and asked her to join the mozi records group where she released her debut Album in 2007 titled "Vergeet My Nie".  Since then she has had countless sucsess with hits like: "Jy soen my nie meer nie" and "Toe stop my hart".    Lianie May se debuutalbum, Vergeet My Nie, is in September 2007 vrygestel en was een van die groot suksesverhale in die Suid-Afrikaanse musiekbedryf in 2008. Dit het gespog met verkope van meer as 120 000 en Lianie het verskeie toekennings gewen onder meer die Tempo-toekenning as gunstelinge nuweling én beste popalbum. Die grootste toekenning was egter toe dit in 2009 die Sama-prys as topverkoper in die Suid-Afrika oor alle genres gewen het, `n merkwaardige prestasie vir `n debuutalbum. Ná `n Kerfees-album, wat baie goed ontvang is, is Lianie se volgende album, Boeremeisie, vrygestel. Dit het gesorg vir `n hele paar treffers soos Honey Honey, Skooljare, Dans Met My Baby en Die Een Wat Jy Wil Hê. In 2010 en 2011 het Lianie en Jay, die gewilde voormalige lid van die groep Eden en deesdae baie suksesvolle solokunstenaar, twee reuse treffers gehad met die duette In a Moment Like This en Toe Stop My Hart. Haar nuwe album, Lank Lewe die Liefde, is in Julie 2011 vrygestel en bevat ‘n paar seker treffers. Daar is vier duette met Jay en nuwe liedjies vir haar geskryf deur Johan Vorster, Sean Else en Riana Nel. Hierdie album beloof om net so `n groot treffer as haar vorige albums te wees:


  As long as I can remember Carike Keuzenkamp's name has been synonymous with South African music.  and Carike has been doing it through the ages, entertaining our youth then and still entertaining them today.  After numerous hits under her belt Carike Keuzenkamp is still going strong.  Carike specializes in morning tea functions for women.
  Elizma's music debut started at a tender age of 12 when she took part in a local singing competition which she won. Elizma then put her music carrer on hold for a few years and took to the modeling ramp in countries like Italy. In 2005 Elizma decided that she was now ready to to go professional in the music industry in which time she wrote the song "Lapaside" which was the title name for her debut cd. Elizma can be seen at many venues in the country and also in our neighbouring states.


  Juanita Will probably forever be remembered for her timeless hit "Ska-Rumba".  Since then she has come up with numerous other hits.  Namibian born singer Juanita du Plessis has become one of our own and won't disappoint your function or festival.Juanita du Plessis (née Naudé) is 'n bekende Suid-Afrikaanse sangeres wat in Namibië gebore is. Sy het bekend geword na haar treffer "Ska-Rumba".Juanita is getroud met Herman (Doepie) du Plessis. Saam het hulle drie kinders - Ruan, Mario en Franja (die laaste twee is 'n tweeling). Haar broer, Pieter Naudé is ook 'n sanger in eie reg. Totale verkope tot op hede van al haar albums beloop meer as 2 miljoen eenhede .In 2010 ontvang sy 'n SAMA-toekenning in die kategorie beste Afrikaanse DVD vir haar 10 Jaar Platinum Treffers. Die DVD bevat al Juanita du Plessis se suksesvolste treffers oor die eerste 10 jaar van haar sangloopbaan.


  Moniqe Foxx has been spoken about as the female version of South Africam Singer Bobbie van Jaarsveld.  Her passion is to make her mark on the local market and then move on.Moniqe Foxx, is South Africa’s newest singing sensation! She recently got married to Michael Jackson's former bodyguard Matt Fiddes, who is a well known Martial Arts Star in Europe & Australia, Artist, Actress, Media personality and Model Moniqe Foxx was born on the 4th of May in a small town called Trichard, close to the town Witbank which she mainly grew up in.

At 12 years Moniqe started performing and at 16 began her professional career performing at festivals and venues. Moniqe has become a popular figure on South African television. She co-hosted the popular television program Jukebox with superstar Kurt Darren in July 2011. Moniqe’s tracks “Ek Kan” and “ Glo in jou” were popular on radio stations across South Africa. Her latest hit “Ek Verlang Na Jou” charted at number 1 on East Rand Stereo! Moniqe recently finished performance training to brush up on her skills with the well known actress Brumilda van Rensburg. Moniqe also has her own finishing school “MF Performing arts".
  Sunette Bridges is the daughter of unforgettable singing legend Bles Bridges.  Sunette sings a variety of upbeat songs as well as a duet recorded with her dad. Sunette Bridges is 'n Suid-Afrikaanse sangeres en die dogter van die legendariese sanger Bles Bridges.Bles Bridges (22 Julie 1947 – 24 Maart 2000) was 'n legendariese Afrikaanse sanger wat hoofsaaklik minneliedjies gesing het. Hy is bekend vir liedjies soos Ruiter van die Windjie, Maggie en Sweef soos 'n arend, en het gereeld rose tydens sy konserte aan dames uitgedeel;
Lawrence John Gabriel is op 22 Julie 1947 in Viljoensdrif gebore en het sy skoolloopbaan by Hoërskool Vereeniging voltooi. Sy bynaam, Bles, is deur sy Ierse oupa aan hom gegee omrede hy op vroeë ouderdom min hare gehad het.Sy debuutalbum, Onbekende Weermagman is is in 1982 uitgereik. Sy professionele loopbaan begin egter eers in 1984 met die vrystelling van sy tweede album, Bles, wat in minder as 'n maand goud gegaan het (meer as 25,000 kopieë verkoop). Die album het die bekende liedjie Maggie ingesluit.
In die 1980's het hy 'n konsert ter ondersteuning van die AWB se Volkhulpskema gehou waartydens R10 000 ingesamel was.Sy grootste treffer was Ruiter van die Windjie, wat in 1986 vrygestel is.Op 24 Maart 2000 is hy in 'n motorbotsing oorlede. Hy is op 3 April 2000 uit die NG Kerk Driehoek in Vanderbijlpark begrawe. Hy laat sy ouers (Cecil en Maria), sy vrou (Leonie), sy dogter (Sunette), sy seun (Victor) en twee kleinkinders agter


  Anneli van Rooyen is one of the most well known singers in South Africa, with an enormous amount of Afrikaans hits behind her, she is seen as an Icon in the South African music industry, and respected as a vocalist everywhere she goes. Anneli van Rooyen is 'n bekende Afrikaanse sangeres. Sy is in 1979 as die algehele wenner van die ATKV se Crescendo aangewys. Van haar treffers sluit in: Sewe sakke sout, Neem my op vlerke, Seemeeu!, Ek lewe en Seënbede.

Jack Parow
Louise Carver - Look To The Edge

Afrikaans Is Groot - Vol 3
Kurt Darren - Die Beste Medisyne